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Season #1 - Join The Evolution

This episode introduces the Workplace Evolution podcast and its host - Chartered Business Psychologist Michael Costello - who wants to do a deal with you!


If you would like to be on the podcast and have great business insights to share get in touch at admin@workplaceevolution. Thank-you for listening!

Season #1 Episode #1 - Sales & Marketing Guru to Cadburys and Home Shopping Channels Tony Camp!

What lessons can businesses learn from bigger brands such as Cadbury's to help sell and market their products? Why on earth did Cadbury's think recording a gorrila playing the drums was a good idea to generate sales? What was the Cadbury's workplace culture like and has this changed since the take-over by Kraft? Will this take-over impact the brand?  What makes a great sales person on a home shopping channel & how do they sell the more unusual items! What are critical success factors that contribute to a successul product launch?

Season #1 Episode #2 The Legend of Belbin / Developing High Performing Team / Boris Johnson, J K Rowling & Gordan Ramsey's Team Role

Workplace Evolution  speaks with Jo Keeler from Belbin - the world leading experts on team theory and developing high performing teams. The episode explores the story of Belbin and how the world famous "Belbin Team Roles" were created (you can see a link to the 9 Team Roles that are evident in high performing teams below as well as the resources available).  The discussion explores individuals from the public eye, what key skills leaders need to perfect to develop a high performing team as well as how to drive "Psychological Safety" in teams - a term developed as a result of research by Google ("Project Aristotle").  We explore the topic of organisational culture and team roles in relation to the NHS as well as the usual listener's questions 

#3 Business Etiquette Survival- Mistakes in Japan, Chinese Gift Giving, Did Michelle Obama Get It Wrong With The Queen?

We take a world tour with Julia Esteve Boyd a Business & Social Etiquette Consultant! We covered so much in this podcast such as big mistakes in Japan,  the importance of patience in Mexico, ordering food correctly in India, surviving gift giving and dining in China, world class handshakes and…did Michelle Obama get it wrong with the Queen?! This episode also explores the concept that etiquette could well be the key differentiator for your business as we become more global in our work. Also, how much it pays to do your research up front before travelling to different cultures…and being flexible to different cultural preferences. 

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#4 Talent Development at Fulham FC, Mohammad Al Fyed's Leadership Style, "Retail Theatre" at Harrods

Episode #4 meets with Robert Ordever HR Expert and Managing Director of O C Tanner Europe.  Chartered Fellow with the CIPD, Robert draws on his vast experience and expertise in Human Resources to talk about  - His approach to developing talent at Fulham FC - His take on Mohammad Al Fyed's Leadership style - How Harrods and Fulham FC developed a world class reputation for service The podcast will explore new ways in which you can - Keep your team (in this case we discussed highly paid footballers) motivated, happy and engaged - Maintain the organisational values of your organisation whilst remaining competitive - Create a reputation for your business rather than having to compete on cost! We also test Robert's knowledge on Fulham FC and Harrods via our quiz

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#5 Emotional Intelligence in Donald Trump, EI Predicts Big Brother Winner & NASA's Mission to Mars!

Episode #5 Here we meet with Dr Steve Stein, one of the first Psychologists to not just research emotional intelligence but to believe in it when other's didn't. He is the author of EI for Dummies and Psychologist for reality TV shows such as Big Brother. 

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Episode #6 Sir Chris Bonington Everest's Death Zone, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Brexit & the Environment

During this episode we meet with Britain's favourite mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington - who was not only the first to scale the South West face of Everest but also the Old Man of Hoy at the age of 80! The interview explores where Chris's motivation and drive comes from - as well as his thoughts on ageism in the workplace. If you think that its "Game Over" for you in middle age then this is the podcast for you -  keep in mind he is now 85 and does not let age become a barrier! We also explore leadership on Everest - remaining calm under the pressure of Everest's "Death Zone"! Sir Chris also provides an honest critique of one of the worlds greatest explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes! Lastly....he provides a direct message to politicians on brexit and the environment!

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Episode #7 The 4 Day Week...Difficult Questions That Need Answering - With CEO Charlotte Lockhart

During this episode we meet with Charlotte Lockhart - CEO of "4 Day Week Global" a community where all those interested in the 4 Day week can connect, share ideas and help create the movement.  This podcast is a great debate and exploration of an exciting concept…the 4 Day Week. It asks some very serious questions about where the workplace is heading. The podcast gives insight in to the challenges of implementing a 4 Day Week as well as whether it is really for everyone. It also touches on some big political questions of our time - what society do we want? Is it only for those that can afford it?

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